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~You're Invited~
what is this i don't even
souris_keteer wrote in i_s_l_a_n_d_ooc
~You're Invited To A Masquerade~

~One Night Only, Let Yourself Escape~

Ladies and germs, I have been given modly permission for an event! And what is this event? It is...


Starting today, everyone will be getting invitations, either written cards or e-mail e-vites, to a big party that will be held in the church. This upcoming weekend (Friday evening through Sunday, October 15th-17th) , Mickey Mouse is inviting everyone to come to an early Halloween party, and encouraging everyone to dress up! Island, ever so generous, is now brimming with costumes, be it popping from closets in the Inns, or suddenly growing on trees. Upon arriving at the church, eerie music will play, and delicious food and drink will be served. A perfectly normal party...

... is not what you'd be getting, because otherwise that'd be boring. When the clock strikes MIDNIGHT, those in costume will suddenly find themselves being taken over BY their costumes! They will turn into whatever they are dressed as, and this is where your imagination can soar! Here are some examples.
  • Dress up as an angel, and turn into a kind and saintly person, blessing everyone... or become holier-than-thou, deciding ALL SINNERS MUST BE PUNISHED
  • Dress up as someone on the island, and watch as the original person now has a different-looking twin!
  • Dressing up as a catgirl? Now you really think you ARE a cat, and Mickey will kindly ask you to stop trying to eat him.
  • Enjoy UST? Dress up your characters as [in]famous couples! That'll be an interesting thing to recover from...

As for those unaffected, the only way to cure your friends is to tear off part of the costume. No need to go stripper-crazy... for example, for someone going with the angel costume, just taking off the halo or wings would do it.

Feel free to use this post to plan! Put up your character in a tag and ask others their opinions, or demand someone dress up as something specific. Go absolutely wild,the sky's the limit!

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Yotsuba- Will be dressed as a fairy. Cause either way she'd be the same.
Shinku- Open for suggestions!
Arcueid- ... Well, now's a good time as any to use PHANTASMOON.
Sabrina- Also open for suggestions, she can dress in almost anything.
Sumire- Also open for suggestions :|a
Amaterasu- .... Hm. :|||| Maybe some ISLAND MAGIC could come in handy.

Kallen: This! ... Or her pilot suit. HELP ME PICK.

Suiseiseki: Open for suggestions! KUNKUN. I'm blaming Mai for this suggestion. |D

Edited at 2010-10-10 05:14 am (UTC)

I'm open for suggestions/costume pairing on all of mine (Beatrice, Ling, Tear, Chii, Zack, Vash, Scout, and Renge)!


Tear - idk, tossup between Satine, Elizabeth from PoTC, and her nekomimi outfit.
Ling - Candlejack.
Scout - SPY because there's no uglier mug to make horrible impressions of all day
Chii - Will be Kamina :)
Zack - Part of me wants to make him Sweeney Todd just because I have the music on loop but. idk
Renge - idk I kind of want her to dress up like someone from Disgaea
Beatrice - One of the other witches...? idk guys let's coordinate

SO YEAH still up for suggestions if you guys have any to sha

oh yeah tagging to my own thing would be good

Mickey Mouse - possibly generic Prince Charming outfit, though I plan to have him unaffected, since he is the heroic host.
Makoto Kino - may not be involved, depends on planning with Luna and the whole YUSUKE WHERE ARE YOU bit.
Freya - Up for ideas!
Hiiragi - Panda-Cat. Feral.
Sakutaro - Up for Ideas!
Amy Rose - Witch. With a hammer. Run.

...for some reason my immediate thought for Freya was a cute little devil. XD;

...fufufufufu she could go all yandere for ed \o/

lfs;adjfkldsaj while he's busy trying to drain every girl in the room of blood I APPROVE \o/



Neuro - Is the Jinosagi from This. *warnings: Some blood, it's a horror movie spoof, not safe for brain*, I feel sorry for whoever he decides to follow that night.

Saguru - ... Thinking/open to suggestions! (And yes, he is going to try and do something unexpected because let's face it, he dresses like Holmes NORMALLY :| )

Edited at 2010-10-10 04:39 am (UTC)

Sheryl will be dressed up as a fairy! Or a bunny... Most likely fairy. SOMEONE DECIDE FOR ME.

Ayumu (if someone forces him to attend) will be a king 'A'! Or a queen. I'm not even sure, anymore.

EVA-Beatrice will definitely be crashing the party, or something! IDK what she'd wear yet—ALL WITCHES = COSTUME SWAP, I MEAN. Suggestions plz ;o

Aaand plot with me! +_+b

Hyobu - Will probably need to have encouragement to actually dress up. He is ridiculously stubborn about dressing differently! Also has no sense for things like this so will need it picking one too!
Laharl - Will not attend unless dragged there since ew the church. :| No idea for costume if he does. =w=a
Minato - Likely some generic Halloween monster. Vampire, ghost, headless horseman, idk.
Eve - Will definitely just dress up as a witch, unless there is a better idea out there. :V

Clearly this means Laharl needs to attend dressed up as a priest *shot*

I'm up for plans, suggestions and possible requests all the way!

Leo - Might end doing something lame like going as a werewolf or a feral cannibal or something like that. ...Which might end up with something like this roaming the night if the mods and the other players are alright with it?

Aion - Up for ideas! Might just attend as his usual demon self.
Hades - Up for ideas! He might sit this one out, though.

Edward will be going as a vampire! Still debating on normal Dracula kind or if he gets bedazzled with glitter at some point. :|a

I'm thinking of dressing Kururu in little Jade clothes :( I'm up for ideas anyway.

brb picking out outfits.

Conan is totally gonna be a witch/sorcerer of the Umineko sort. Because mindfuckery is good.

Belldandy will be this lovely demon.

Dani will

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